HA Series

HE Series

HVE Series

HVES Series

   3 to 32 pins - 10A,16A pin  

  6 to 40 pins - 500V,16A/ pin  

 3 to 30 pins - 830V,16A /pin

 3 to 20 Spring contacts - 830V,16A/pin

HEE Series

HD  Series

HDD Series

HSB Series

 10 to 92 pins - 500V,16A/pin  

  7 to 128 pins - 250V,10A/ pin  

  24 to 216 pins - 250V,10A/ pin

 6 & 12 pins - 400/690V,30A/pin

HK Series

HE AV Series

HQ Series

Hoods & Housings

  2 to 36 pins - 10A,16A,80A/pin  

  6 to 24 pins - 500V,16A/pin  

  3 & 7 pins - 16A per pin

 Plastic, Aluminum & Zinc Die cast  IP65


Parts List

Technical Info.


  Crimp Contacts, Cable Glands

  PDF listing of all part Numbers

 Rating Tables Electrical Data




Heavy Duty Connectors consist of 5 parts. 1) Cable Gland 2) Hoods 3) Male or Female inserts 4) Crimp Contacts and 5) Housings.

These Rectangular Connectors are available in 12 styles, from the HA series to the HQ series as shown below. The series differ in the number of pin combinations and the power and voltage combinations. Voltage ranges from 50 to 1000 volts and current carrying capacity is from 5A to 100A. Contacts are available as screw terminals, spring terminals or crimp terminals.

Heavy Duty Connectors (or Rectangular Connectors) are extensively used in equipment that requires electrical and signal connections, such as construction machinery, textile machinery, package printing machinery, tobacco machinery, electrical locomotives and petrochemical electrical equipment. These are internationally recognised standard connectors covered by DIN VDE 0627, DIN VDE 0110, DIN EN 61984 and DIN EN 6198 specifications.

For an overview of the different series (Hoods and Housing Styles, Contacts and Gland types), get the PDF file by clicking on the highlight bar  here.

  PDF of Parts Explanation  

 Parts of the Heavy Duty Connector

 1   Cable Gland    

 2  Hoods         

 3   Male or Female Inserts   

 4   Crimp Contacts  

 5  Housings   

Rectangular Connectors for power and Signal


 Heavy Duty Connectors


































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