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 Microliter Pump PDF Data Sheet

 Microliter Pump


The micro pump system has been developed specifically for use in medical applications. A typical area is the transfer of nutrients for growing cell-cultures. The pump system can handle up to 10 channels in parallel to convey as many different nutrient solutions.

The micro pump is a modular unit. In applications that require stringent hygienic controls, pump heads can be disposed after use. The pump motor andgearbox can be re-used after easy exchange of the pump heads. Another advantage of the modular construction makes it possible to define a wider selection of motors to fit the application.

The pump motor turns the pump rotor which in turn moves the medium contained in the tubes. The transport can pump in 2 directions. Tube diameter can be tailored to deliver required volumes. Pump concept allows homogeneous and bubble free delivery of mediums.



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