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To master a new technology such as SMT or MID takes time, experience and the right equipment. 2E Mechatronics has had years of experience in mass production of connectors for the Automotive industry. The production equipment and test processes put in place for these products is the basis for the development of the proceedures and  production machinery which is applied to this new technology

MID are the basis for a new leap forward in the production of connectors and their integration into the electronic products of the future. Savings are realized directly when elimination wiring and soldering between connectors and printed circuit boards. In many cases the printing of the circuitry onto the connector substrate can eliminate the need for separate printed circuit cards and reduce the package size while at the same time creating a more effective form and fit for the devices in question. Integrating the circuitry into the connector, with components placed directly onto the device, can help you create more cost effective designs for your products. Let us know your requirements and we will work with you to create  new connector solutions for you.


Pressfit technology is an effective means to reduce  production costs and minimize the impact  of the ROHS directive by eliminating the need for soldering. In some products, such as Backplanes and board stacking connectors, the need for extended pins on the bottom surface of the PCB would force the need to use expensive hand soldering or robotic soldering in order to make electrical contact  beween the panel and the connector. Use of pressfit pins eliminates this inefficient process.

Pressfit pins can be integrated into a variety of connectors. H15 Pressfit connectors for VME backplanes are available off the shelf.


  MID  (Molded In Devices)  

For information on pressfit technology or custom projects call 508 794 1283  or e mail 2E@2esyscom.com

For quotes  Call 508 794 1283  or e mail 2E@2esyscom.com

 MID  (Mechatronic Interconnect Devices)  




















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