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 Automotive Connectors


One of the core competencies of 2E mechatronic GmbH (&) Co.KG is the manufacture of plastic housings with inlaid parts in very high quantities and quality. The plastics used in this process are the most common thermoplastics such as PA, PBT and PPS. Various sensors such as Rotation Rate (ESP®) and side airbag sensors are integrated into these housings. The appropriate circuit boards are pressed in. A soldering process is no longer necessary. Finally the housing is tightly sealed with a lid using a laser welding process. The manufacture of these safety-relevant components with the quality required demands a zero tolerance policy which must be lived throughout the company. A fully automatic production process for the housings is equally necessary as any manual task is prone to error.


For the automated production of our sensor housings press-fit pins on strip are bent and punched directly on the production line. The bushings are added via feeder bowls. All the inlaid parts are then inserted into the injection mould tool by using a gripper system and finally over moulded with plastic. This is followed by fully automated, integrated testing for impermeability, accuracy, short-circuit and completeness. The process chain is finished by the automatic removal of faulty parts or packaging of the approved ones.

Professional project management at 2E guarantees optimal solutions in the creation and implementation of manufacturing concepts.

Additional application options can always be found wherever sensitive electronics have to be protected and connected.


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